Antispam Cluster

Security for your business

Are you stressed by the amount of unwanted emails in your inbox?
We know very well how it works!
That's why we created a network of servers to filter, in a balanced way, all the unwanted messages from your account. When an email is fired at you, it is automatically forwarded to our anti-spam servers.
This system filters all content and searches for invalid messages, malicious files and many other criteria are analyzed. If the message is classified as malicious, you will receive an email with a summary of all retained messages that you can reevaluate. But if the message is classified as correct, it is properly forwarded to your inbox.
The process is simple, but requires a great deal of computational effort, because in addition to all the filtering work, our systems use artificial intelligence to learn about the behavior of messages and ensure greater accuracy when filtering.
All of our corporate email plans include free anti-spam service.
How about getting to know our services business e-mail and see how good it is to receive only the emails of your real interest?

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