Public ip - IPV4

Easy hiring

All of our cloud instance plans receive, by default, a private network / 24. Within this network you will be able to interact between your instances. In addition, if you hire the Corporate VPN service, you will also be able to interact with your servers as if you were on-site with your servers.
But, for your server to be available on the internet, you need a public IP. With the contracted public IP you will have a fixed address where you can point your domains and sub-domains.
It is also worth remembering that only with a public IP that your cloud instance will be able to browse the web, that is, it is the only way that it will be able to travel with a public gateway on the internet. So, this is the type of service that must be hired whenever your machine needs to access the outside world, outside your private network.

Try it today, hire your cloud instance and assign a public IP to verify ease of use.

R$ 4,90 monthly