Dedicated Servers

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Regardless of whether you are planning to use a dedicated server for corporate purposes or in a sophisticated development environment, you are guaranteed to find the right solution with us. Our diverse plans are designed to handle any and all professional projects - regardless of size. Impress your users with fast load times and maximum availability!

You will be able to choose the operating system (Linux or Windows Server distributions) and then your server will be deployed within 60 minutes after order confirmation, allowing the necessary flexibility to react to peak times. You have the option of configuring your dedicated server with custom components. This gives you the power to create a customized solution, designed for your needs and within your budget. For personalized configurations, talk to one of our consultants by chat here on the website.

Every customized project will be configured and will be ready within 24 hours. All of our servers offer a minimum contract term of just one month, UNLIMITED traffic and up to 1 Gbit / s of bandwidth.


Special conditions with high connectivity and performance.


R$ 850,00





R$ 250,00

Per hour

Data Migrations



Imagem Painel Zimbra


  • The latest hardware from the leading brands in the market.
  • Freely configurable hardware performance.
  • Deployment in 60 minutes.
  • Free 24/7 support for hardware and software.
  • Hardware replacement with less than 4 hours guaranteed.
  • Fixed price throughout the contracting period.
  • Monthly contract terms.
  • High speed connection at more than 550 Gbit / s.
  • 99.9% guaranteed availability.
  • Advanced features with Plesk and cPanel.


Talk to one of our consultants to add optional services to your server.


Plesk is a control panel for hosting websites, DNS, FTP, Database and many other resources that every web designer needs on a daily basis. We provide the free Plesk panel on some operating systems, such as Ubuntu Linux, CentOS Linux and Windows Server. The free version of Plesk includes up to 10 domains on your server. In order for you to have unlimited domains, you must hire a separate license. We also have certificates to enable SQL Server and also PostgreSQL. For more specific packages, please speak with one of our consultants.


CPanel is another web-based control panel option available for CentOS Linux operating systems. CPanel gives you full control over a wide range of functions and helps you manage your website and hosting account quickly and easily. With this panel, you will be able to manage in a simple and practical way all the resources of the machine and make services available with just a few clicks. Currently, we do not provide free of charge, any modality must be contracted separately as an additional license.


With Acronis, you are getting industry-leading data backup technology. It only takes a few clicks on the highly user-friendly interface to create a complete image of your server, which complies with the highest security standards. Server backups can be used for full and partial file recovery, including all applications, user access, logs, databases and even the entire operating system to be used for a restore on dedicated servers.


In the monitoring mode, our team will install agents on your machine that will send real-time information about your hardware to our platform. You will also have access to monitoring, so you can even track performance and availability. In the case of management, our team is responsible for all services that run on your machine. Both monitoring, backup management, performance settings, security improvements and updates. In other words, with the management service, you will have the team available to take care of the proper functioning of your server.