Load Balancer

Safety in applications

The load balancer service is extremely interesting for several applications. In the case of web applications, this type of service is essential to minimize the overhead of requests. For small and large applications, the load balancer also has a very important issue: Security. That's right: with a load balancer your cloud instances are working under the direct access layer. Thus, the public IP disclosed is in the load balancer and direct access to the instances is unavailable. This is a modality widely used to make your application safer and less susceptible to common attacks, such as DDoS, for example.

All management of the load balancer and some extra configurations are done by our panel. You just need to hire, point your domain or sub-domain to the public IP address of your load balancer and start using it. In the case of web applications, you also get a free digital certificate to travel on the HTTPS port (443).

Therefore, hire now and protect your application from overload and direct access to your application.

R$ 19,90 monthly

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